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Perseus Orient Setwear

Designer: Fashion Elegance Sdn Bhd


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Perseus Orient Setwear (Charity Design) 🎗️: A simple yet elegant white top paired with a skirt that dazzles with its intricate patterns. Comfortable and adding a touch of liveliness to your outfit.

The profits from this setwear will contribute 20% in full to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA). 

Pink represents women, and wearing pink signifies support for breast cancer awareness! 🎗️💝

这款慈善设计款套裝所得收益20%将全数赠于马来西亚乳癌福利协会(BCWA)。粉色代表女性,穿着粉红色表示对乳癌意识的支持 !🎗️💝

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