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Terms and Conditions

亲爱的顾客 对于本店商品,
1. 套装一定购买要成套购买,不分开单卖,但上下可以拿不同码数。
2.所有预购一旦下单是final order , 不允许中途更改订单。
3.收到产品三天内,接受免费换码数一次,不接受换款式. 发回的邮费顾客负责,第二次发货的邮费本公司负责。
4. 所有商品官网有价格,细节,码数,想要用credit card / paypal 可以选择官网
5.Sales item 不接受更换码数或款式
6.预购款式请耐心等待,如果不可以接受预购,可以查看我们现货link , 购买现货
7. 收到货品后,不接受任何个人理由退货换货( 不喜欢/ 不适合/ 不会穿)
8. 本公司两件店铺 Tropicana Avenue/ The park bukit jalil , 每日营业10am-7pm, 无需appt , 可以直接walk in.
8. 公司不是定制店,不接受提供自己码数,自己喜好,订购服饰。只能在我们现有码数基础上,选择码数,进行小范围修改,不做大改动,不改变款式,不改变布料,一旦进行修改,衣物不做退换。
10. 内衣类贴身产品,由于卫生安全的考虑,不退货,不换码数。
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Dearest customers before purchasing any of our goods, below are some notice that requires your full attention;
1. If any of the outfits comes in set, they must be purchased as a set and not sold separately, but different sizes can be matched for top & bottom.
2. Once all pre-order items are purchased, the order is considered final and is not allowed to be changed midway.
3. Within three days upon receiving the purchased product, we only accept one time exchange for size matter, but the design change is not allowed. *The customer is responsible for the return postage and our company will be responsible for the postage of the second shipment to customer within Malaysia.
4. Our official website has displayed necessary product informations including item prices, details, and measurements. If you wish to use credit card/paypal, you may make purchase via our official website
5. All Sales items are not acceptable for replacement of sizes or designs.
6. Kindly allow for waiting period for the pre-order items as it may take time to process the fabrication and material sourcing. If you are unable to wait in time, you may check our ready stock items and purchase them via
7. Upon receiving the purchased items, we do not accept any “personal reasons” for refund or exchange the goods such as (I don’t like it/ don't fit well after sometime / won't wear it/ don’t feel like wearing anymore)
8. Our two stores are located at Tropicana Avenue & The Park Bukit Jalil, which are open daily from 10am-7pm, where we welcome walk-in without any appointments.
9. Our company do not provide customized clothing as we only fabricate clothings according to our own size chart and designs. However we do allow minor alterations to size fitting where no change in styles/designs and no change of fabrics. Once the alterations is done, the items will not be allowed for exchange/refunds.
10. For all undergarment products, due to health and hygiene considerations, there will be no return or exchange is allowed even if size is not right. So please consult before making any purchase.
If there is any matters you may not understand, you may contact & ask us. We appreciate your kind understanding and we wish you happy shopping!
For all Overseas Customers who may have purchased Pre-order items or items that may not arrived in time to our store due to unforeseen circumstances, We apologize & would prefer to ensure all items are favorably posted all at once to you. We are truly thankful for your utmost understanding & great patience.

Note: FREE DELIVERY is only for 1 Time Purchase. Anymore purchases made in separate manner, POSTAGE would be charged according to Gdex rates for every additional purchases. As for PREORDER items, we do NOT allow any refund but may ONLY allowed for exchange to store credits.

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