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Gleam Wonderland Setwear

Designer: Fashion Elegance Sdn Bhd


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Gleam Wonderland perfectly captures the essence of this two-piece dress. Imagine a soft and enchanting outfit that brings to mind the gentle touch of sunlight during a breezy spring or summer day. The dress is designed with delicate pastel shades of white, yellow, and pink, evoking a sense of warmth and happiness. The top and skirt come together seamlessly to create a harmonious ensemble that exudes elegance and charm.

The waist exposure adds a touch of playfulness and modernity, while the pastel hues symbolize the beauty of nature in bloom. This outfit is perfect for those who want to embrace the vibrant energy of the season while maintaining a sense of grace and sophistication. "Gleam Wonderland" is not just a name – it's a description that transports you to a world of soft sunlight, sweet dreams, and timeless style.


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