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SRW Msc¹ (Ready Stocks)


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One box (30 sachets)



Msc¹ Tone contains a proprietary blend of HMB, OKG and BHB to support muscle tone, fat metabolism in cells and ketosis. This combination provides key metabolites and essential nutrients to support muscle tissues and fat metabolism pathways. The formulation also provides a source of exogenous ketones which support the body’s ability to metabolise fat as a source of energy.

→ Supports maintenance of muscle mass, tone, strength and function

→ Supports fat metabolism pathways and lipid turnover

→ Provides a supply of exogenous ketones to support ketosis

We recommend pairing your Msc¹ regime with weekly resistance training, regular physical activity and a balanced diet that includes sufficient calories from protein. The recommended protein to be consumed is at least 1.8grams per kg of body weight.

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