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Frostinne Orient Setwear (Adult Female)

Designer: LSKL


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Frostinne Orient Setwear is an outstanding set of outfit that majestically freezes your beauty & gracefulness eternally and be flattering all that are around you. 

Adult : Size S , shoulder 宽 36cm , 长44cm , 每个size 长2.5 cm ( half inch )

Adult : M size 短裤长度 35cm

Adult : M size 长裤长度 86cm

Adult : 每个size 跳half inch


Length for Kids

Size XS is 22.5 inch 

Size S is 23.5 inch 

Size M is 24.5 inch 

Size L is 25.5 inch 

[Kids design complimentary with matching adult design, do not sell separately]

Preorder ETA June 2023

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