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 資深潮流玩家 Eric Huang 於 2015 年時成立了街頭品牌 MF,在品牌「Tribute 」系列當中我們能夠看見許多熟悉的身影,像是由 Karl Lagerfeld 透過滑稽姿勢演繹的 Chanel「雙 C」Logo,Alessandro Michele 演繹的「GUCCI」字樣等等,不僅如此,MF 甚至把「魔爪」伸向了 Louis Vuitton、Supreme、Nike 和 Stüssy 等潮流、時尚品牌。

In 2015, MF started its foot from Amsterdam. One can observe the creativity of our designers, taken the approach on major luxury brands logo & their respective founder/creative directors, recreating interesting logos with various difficult yoga movements and fancy antics.

Familiar but strange at the same time, the visual impact is full of fun, people are attracted to our loud logo designs. MF desired to amplify the story between brand background and the designer with an artistic expression of fun.

Our recent works combine several brands and new designers, such as Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh, Gucci x Alessandro Michele, Dior x Kim Jones. This is the trend that will catch people eyes. As we combine Luxury, Art and Street brand through our creativity and products, the rising of the High Street culture will be pronounced, with MF, 「Made in Future」, New Amsterdam, MF by GCDC.


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