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LSKL x AY ( premium line )

Amethyást is a contemporary modern luxury fashion brand. It is a co-founding brand by Lesley Sun KL and the creative AY Team, brimming with dreamy romanticism design style, helping every Amethyást girl in becoming the master of their own aesthetic looks.

Lesley Sun KL will launch this upcoming high-end clothing line with noticeable design difference whereby it’s more refined which enables every women to stand out from the crowd. This line of fashion is specially designed for high end luxury consumers, to satisfy their pursuance towards beauty and exquisite goods. Since the establishment, Amethyást has always insisted on giving the works of noble qualities, grand image along with valuable experience, with the sparks of solid tailoring and sheer creativity.

The founder of the brand has a dazzling dream in her which is to make every girl bedazzle and sparkles like the magical crystal quartz. Amethyást is a collection of the founder’s inspiration, hoping to provide the ladies with outstanding style, luxury and pride. Amethyást is derived from Icelandic, which represents translucent, tenacious, and sophistication.
Women should be noble, powerful, and not appendage of others. The shimmer on the skirt should shine only for herself.

The brand has already begun to collaborate with some major influencers and so forth. Therefore, we hope this could be the new direction of fashion runway for you to ride on and sparkle your life! We are looking forward for you to witness the creation of our amazing works with us!

Amethyást是一个年轻的轻奢时尚品牌。是Lesley Sun KL 和创意团队以充满梦幻浪漫主义色彩的设计风格对话每一位Amethyást女孩,帮助她们成为独属自己的美学主理人。暂属Lesley Sun KL 即将推出的一高端线,您可以看到不一样的设计,更加精致,让您在芸芸众生中,脱颖而出,这个副线特地为高端顾客设计,满足顾客对美和精品的追求!

希望成为一个可以闪烁你生活的新选择! 期待您和我们一起见证,更多美好作品的诞生!


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